Friday, August 27, 2010

Slice of Sydney. Piece of Paris

I've got plans.

Big plans.

Travel plans.

A year of travel equates to a year of scrimping, saving, selective sky larking and weekends of penniless Tom Foolery.Unfortunately i haven't been strict on myself as i stimulate the economy essential purchases of magnetic fishing toys, mini Putt-putt putters, cheesecake and sparkling white wine.

With my "to read" book pile breaching occupational health and safety standards, as it perches precariously close to avalanche proportions - i've "unfortunately" stumbled across a treasure trove of delicious books at The Little Bookroom, with it's deft selection of travel guides claiming to capture the character of a city.

My heart pounds at the thought of purchasing

Luckily for me i've found one such way of scratching the travel itch and keeping the purse strings tied - that's by finding out the true character of my home town - Sydney.

As a creature of habit i've stuck to the same parts of Sydney for the past 20 odd years. It's time to branch out and shameless copy Louise's idea of 52 Suburbs and explore new parts of Sydney

Though i'm much lazier than Louise and won't even pretend that i'll attempt to visit a new suburb a week, so maybe i'll just buy the book...

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