Friday, August 13, 2010

Movie night

I've seen two films at the cinema this week, booyah i'm on a roll! I've almost made up for not going to the cinema the last three months...not out of choice - i ached to see Toy Story 3 and Animal Kingdom, but Grafton is awaiting machinery from Germany before it reopens it's heritage movie house...and have been waiting for 2 years! Yikes-a-bee imagine having to always wait for DVD? And missing out on the crush of popcorn underfoot, tantilising trailers and the collective hush as the screen widens followed by the sneaky crinkle of a chip packet in the most unopportunistic moment - gosh i've missed the cinema!

I've sunk my teeth into "The Ghost Writer" and "Inception" - both as layered and ridiculously complex as Adriano Zumbo's V8 cake, proving to be the perfect antidote to stop me wallowing in my flu induced self pity - which makes me reconsider my usual flu remedy of craptastic chick flicks...

I wasn't keen on seeing Inception, as it's trailer was all flashing lights and explosions, it looked like yet another CGI blockbuster lacking in a storyline - however i was pleasantly surprised, it's a bloody complicated film and i would have dreaded condensing it into a 2minute trailer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt proved to be a dab hand at dancing in the delightful "500 Days of Summer"

and uses his fancy footwork in an amazing gravity defying fight sequence

What genre can't he do? With his current Mad Men haircut, he's a throw away to the film stars of the Golden years of Hollywood - perhaps he's Zooey Deschanel's equivalent of Rock Hudson to Doris Day?

And as always Ewan McGregor is swoon worthy - enough said.

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